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Rabu, 10 Desember 2008


If you often find yourself feeling disillusioned, that's a strong indication that you're hungry for a greater level of challenge in your life. Disillusionment can be your way of telling yourself that there's a valuable contribution you know you must make to life.

Go ahead and feel that disillusion fully, then ask yourself this question. What specifically would make the disillusion end?

Somewhere within you is a vision that is being stifled. Dig it out, and find a positive way to make it come to life.

Instead of being drained by disillusion, become energized by the vision that you long to express. Transform the reason that you're feeling down into a positive purpose that drives you forward.

Discover the meaningful challenge that you're aching to take on. Experience true fulfillment as you steadily work through that challenge.

Feel the disillusion, learn what it is telling you, and then you can leave it behind. For from that disillusion you can step forward to a new and higher level of accomplishment.

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